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Inaugurated in 1996 by the late great "King of Latin Music" Tito Puente, the Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival has presented dozens of artists of the highest caliber, advanced our cultural diversity, influenced our young performers, generated tourism, entertained thousands and improved quality of life in our community. Many consider us THE Latin Jazz Festival of Texas and one of the best in the country. It's well regarded as a small festival that has preserved its quality, authenticity and identity for nearly two decades.

Recognizing this achievement, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has awarded the Festival prestigious grants for a decade. Likewise, the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) has supported us for over 15 years. Their endorsement would not be possible without broad support from the community and the City of Brownsville for which we are most grateful.

Inherent to our mission, the Festival was intended to educate as well as to entertain. Countless students, educators and performing artists have benefited from the world-class touring artists the Festival has hosted for two decades. The quality of their clinics, master classes and performances have re-defined the meaning of artistic excellence as we owe them much of the musical legacy that is fundamental to the Latin Jazz we hear today.

It is our pleasure to share this wonderful music with you. Latin Jazz is irresistible, sophisticated and grown far beyond its roots... still African, unmistakably Latin and so American too. It is inclusive, not exclusive, the ultimate blend of our cultures, the music and dance they'll remember us by.

Please don't miss our Twenty Year Anniversary festival, coming soon on the weekend of October 13-16, 2016. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for supporting the Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival
and the Revitalization of our Historic Downtown District!

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