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We sincerely hope you had the good fortune of attending the Twenty Second Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival. One more time, Brownsville celebrated the diversity of our music, our culture and our community with a memorable weekend of musical entertainment.

Inaugurated by the late great "King of Latin Music" Tito Puente in 1997, the Festival has entertained tens of thousands, expanded our musical boundries, generated tourism and improved our quality of life. Inspired by Tito's example during his visit, the Festival has educated hundreds of music students, educators and working artists by presenting the free clinics, master classes and personal performances he encouraged us to produce.

The Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival is the oldest festival of its kind in Texas, regarded as one of the best of its kind in the country and is well known as a small, great festival that has preserved its quality, authenticity and identity for over two decades.

Latin Jazz is a broad, inclusive genre that brings everyone together through primal irresistable rhythms. It makes everyone feel they belong to multiple cultures not just one or two... come to the Festival and you'll mingle with audience members, see dancers and hear players from dozens of countries.

Come join us... bring the family, including granma and the kids. Don't forget to invite your friends and aquaintances from out of town - we'll help you host them! Check back soon for details on the 23rd Annual Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival, taking place on the weekend of October 11, 12 & 13, 2019.

See you all then!


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