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The Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts (BSPA), serving Brownsville, Texas since 1994, is a private, non-profit producer and arts presenter with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

BSPA's mission is to enhance quality-of-life in our community through cultural entertainment and the performing arts in one of the most chronically underserved and economically disadvantaged regions in the nation.

Since its founding, the BSPA has produced and co-produced literally hundreds of shows and cultural events featuring local, regional and world-class artists in live musical concerts, dance performances, master classes, clinics, music and dance lessons, national, regional and local competitions, and has created two internationally recognized music festivals that have become a source of community pride and important parts of our cultural calendar... the Brownsville Latin Festival, now on its 17th year, and the Brownsville Guitar Festival & Ensemble Competition, now on its 12th year.

Over time, BSPA has developed enduring partnerships and alliances with most civic, cultural and educational organizations who, like us, seek to expand the quality, availability and diversity of cultural offerings in our community. BSPA fully underwrites many of its productions but also procures the donors, sponsors and grants that make it possible to offer quality outreach that is either totally free or at a cost that is economically accessible to the public.

BSPA produces the widest diversity of cultural programming possible, mostly of genres not usually offered by the mass media, including Classical Chamber and Symphony Music, Classical Ballet, Classical Guitar, Latin Jazz, Flamenco, World Music and Opera, among others.

BSPA considers it a fundamental obligation to support working and aspiring artists of all ages, music preferences and social and economic backgrounds. It is a top-tier benefactor of the nationally and internationally recognized Music Department of the University of Texas Brownsville.

We of course appreciate donations, in-kind contributions and sponsorships and are very thankful for the broad support our modest efforts have inspired. In particular, BSPA is most grateful for the significant support consistently provided us by the City of Brownsville, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Texas Commission for the Arts.

We are often asked how to best support the BSPA mission and our most common reply is... just come to the show!

Thanks again and we'll see you at the show!

George Ramirez
President and Chairman of the Board
November 2012


General Promo & Information Video of the BSPA (2009)



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